The days of #basic beauty Emojis are over.

L’Oréal came to us asking for help with supporting the launch of their latest digital initiative for younger and trending users, BEAUMOJI, a new Emoji keyboard for all things beauty and beyond.

Beyond the kiss Emoji, the hairflip Emoji, the lipstick Emoji, Beaumoji offers over 130 beauty Emojis featuring the latest beauty looks and trends, as well as racially diverse characters and interracial and gay couples. Beaumoji installs as an additional keyboard, allowing you to easily include in all your chat apps.


Website Design, Social Content


L’Oréal USA

Beaumoji Website Design
“Beauty is about self-identify, and we wanted to make sure we were creating a language around beauty”
-Rachel Weiss,
VP Innovation, L'Oréal USA
Creating A Buzz
Hashtag Engagement Campaign


Downloads in 1st week out


Unique Beauty Emojis so far

Over 20

Press Features including Teen Vogue and Forbes

1 winner

Will have their idea added to the Emoji keyboard