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Fresh Cuts.

Color + Information was invited to pitch a visual identity for the Tribeca Film Festival, aimed at increasing social engagement, reaching new audiences, inspiring employees and vetted attendees, and inspiring those who’ve never before attended to buy a ticket.

Our concept, “Fresh Cuts,” characterized the Festival’s audience as multifaceted, dynamic and diverse. Film may be the foundation, but the festival is a hub presenting and expressing ingenuity. Attendees are not audiences; they are participants contributing to the experience of the week-long event.


Visual Identity
Social Engagement Strategy


Attendees at Festival's 14th Edition


Features including movies, short films and VR experiences in 2015


Free tickets given away through “Film for All Friday”


Since 2002, Tribeca Film Festival has attracted a diverse group of filmmakers from 80+ countries
“Art attracts us only by what it reveals of our most secret self.”
-Jean Luc Godard, Screenwriter and Director

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